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Belated Summer Solstice Greetings

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

It’s been a busy few weeks, and Summer Solstice has already come and gone. Just like every year it catches me by surprise and I think “What?! Already??” The idea that the days will get shorter again just as summer is getting ready to take off properly always seems a bit strange at first.

One way to make sense of this conundrum is to look at what’s going on astrologically, as above so below: the fiery sun moves into the cardinal sign of water, Cancer. This move of Fire into Water is symbolically echoed in some folk customs associated with this time of year. In the area where I grew up it was a regular midsummer feature to have a good bonfire and then roll fiery wheels downhill into a body of water, a river or a lake.

For me this is all about a necessary setting of boundaries, of taking responsibility to channel energies into a cause: the rampant growth of the last few weeks is reined in a bit to allow things to mature. Growth without purpose just leads to inflated egos (and overgrown gardens). This turning of the wheel is necessary, otherwise there would be no harvest.

I look forward to celebrating a belated Summer Solstice with our open ritual group tomorrow and explore these themes a bit more. Why not pop along?

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