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If you would like to take your interest in Gardnerian Wicca further there are a number of options, ranging from an informal chat or a first experience of general ritual practice to formally training with us with a view to working towards possible initiation.



Wicca as an initiatory tradition is a path that requires serious commitment, challenging you to take full responsibility for your personal development and is therefore not easy. There is a hierarchical structure in Wicca, but its main purpose is to facilitate learning and passing on the tradition and to take care of the practical aspects of running the coven. That aside, we are all equal and very much learn with and from each other.

Initiation and acceptance into the coven is usually preceded by a longer period of time - symbolically a year and a day - in which you study with us and we get to know each other. Group compatibility is really important to us, which is why initiation can of course not be guaranteed.

It is important to note that Gardnerian covens never practice sexual initiation. Further, our coven does not charge for craft training as it is our choice to serve as teachers and initiators.

We encourage all seekers to take some time and independently investigate the background of any group they are interested in joining, check out potential red flags, confirm claims of lineage and legitimacy etc. There are some excellent pointers on how to obtain vouches for a coven’s good standing in the Resources section.

If all of this didn't scare you off but on the contrary speaks to you, you are welcome to contact us!



For anybody who just wishes to dip a toe into ritual practice without the commitment of formal training our High Priestess runs a monthly outdoor ritual group called Woodspirits. The group works loosely in a Wiccan framework but is open to all pagan traditions. We typically meet in Lee Valley Park, normally in the afternoon on the first Sunday each month.


You can find us on Facebook and Instagram!



The purpose of this particular system of meditation is to build a temple in the human mind. The temple is created through a series of visualisations designed to help you become aware of the different potentials within you and learn to integrate these, awakening your sleeping potential, the hidden divine. If you are interested in learning this system which is passed on as an oral tradition and practiced in weekly meetings, please get in touch.

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