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Dowsing, part 1

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

I endeavour to try something new on a fairly regular basis and this month it’s dowsing. It’s something I have been curious about for a while but I rarely had a chance to try it. The blog post category “magic” is potentially controversial in this context: views vary as to whether the ability to dowse is inherited or can be learned and whether there is a spiritual dimension to it or not.

Traditionally, dowsing is the ability to locate underground sources of water or minerals by using an instrument, usually a dowsing rod. It also describes practices used to obtain information, locate lost objects or even indicate disease, and in those cases the dowser might use other tools, for instance pendulums and dowsing charts.

Water divining or dowsing for water is often a rural activity that has passed down as a skill through generations. This is usually practiced in the form of field dowsing, a term which covers any form of dowsing where the dowser is physically present. The process itself is quite straight forward: you formulate the problem statement in a way that can be answered yes/no, let’s say “Am I over a water source?” and slowly work your way through the area until you get a reaction from your tool of choice.

Does it work? Well, opinion is divided at best and mostly critical. There are certainly gifted people out there (e.g. Ralph Whitlock) who had and have a good reputation as successful dowsers, most likely picking up on subconscious sensory cues. Whether I will be successful is an entirely different matter and I will report back at the end of the month!

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