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Fun with Candles!

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

As we are heading towards #Imbolc, a staple in the practical ritual toolkit is candle magic. I can highly recommend Luzya Starza’s introductory book in this context, it’s concise, clear and contains all the information you need to get going…and after all that’s important: get going! Being an armchair magician isn’t that much fun after all.

Something we like to do as a coven at this time of year is sorting out all the ritual candles we will need for our Sabbat celebrations. Similarly, I like to transform all leftovers from last year: I usually group any leftover stumps by colour, melt them in a water bath and take care to dispel any lingering energy e.g. by stirring counter clockwise a few times while focusing on resetting things to neutral. I then pour the mix into little votive candle moulds, re-using the old rescued wicks if they are still suitable, maybe adding essential oils I like along the way. Voila, new candles.

Something a bit more elaborate is to create a 7 day candle using planetary colour correspondences: the bottom layer could be gold/yellow for the Sun/Sunday, above that black for Saturn/Saturday and so on with the top being silver/white for the Moon/Monday.

This takes a lot more time as you have to melt/set every colour individually but it’s a great way to use up small amounts of leftover coloured wax and you can then burn it one section at a time over the course of a week, maybe to support a similarly timed magical working.

Last but not least, if you fancy joining us for an open outdoor Imbolc celebration with a spot of candle magic, you are welcome to join our next Woodspirits outing on 6th of February. Head over to our Facebook group to find out more.

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