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Hybrid Working

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

During lockdown our #CovenLife had to adjust like anything else. We couldn’t meet at the covenstead for a long time and had to resort to Zoom meet ups at the height of the pandemic and worked socially distanced outdoors when things started to ease a little. It’s not too different from the “hybrid working” buzzword many of us encountered in our working life, splitting time between the office and some random desk at home.

How did that affect our working? A lot. This is in one way surprising, in many others it’s not. Magic most certainly transcends time and space but at least in our case raising the energy that powers our work and sensing and nurturing the underpinning group mind is that much harder if you can’t be physically together.

The online sessions were still incredibly valuable as they allowed us to stay in touch, meditate and celebrate together. We even strayed into online teaching for a while to keep up the training for the brave souls who were studying with us during the pandemic, patiently waiting until in-person training and initiations could happen once more.

I also really value how much more occult and magical content has become more broadly accessible as commercial online offerings expanded. I believe that is a trend that is here to stay. But in the end nothing compares to being back together again: that first “proper” coven meeting was a wonderful and really emotional homecoming. Here’s to those precious real life connections!

(Image credit: Axel Scheffler with words by Julia Donaldson)

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