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Magic on your Doorstep

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

This is something I keep coming back to: discovering the magic on your doorstep, sometimes quite literally.

A really worthwhile endeavour is to pick a spot in your neighbourhood and regularly take a picture, maybe every month, or at least every season. It gives you a wonderful sense for the wheel of the year in your immediate surroundings.

Years ago I did this with the big roundabout in our street which yielded a lovely set of photographs. Right now that roundabout is absolutely bursting with snowdrops and crocuses, looking very fresh after the recent storms!

Another idea is to look for elemental representations in the traditional directions they are associated with. While there is more than one system of correspondences in this context, one that is frequently used is North = Earth, East = Air, South = Fire and West = Water. Take a look at a map of where you live and maybe find out where the closest body of water is to the west of your place. This could be anything from a duck pond to a public fountain or maybe even a derelict waterworks building.

Happy discovering!

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