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More May Mayhem

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

Continuing with the May Day theme, we had a really fun Beltane celebration in our open outdoor ritual group today, including some fabulous Maypole dancing.

It turned out a fair few of us had experienced dancing around maypoles in their school days and admittedly, kids skipping around is what you usually see as part of May Day celebrations in villages (which seem to be getting more popular again in recent years).

I can highly recommend embracing that inner child and just giving it a go! Even the park rangers who dropped by on their patrol gave the colourful ribbons a little tug, the May spirit is simply too infectious to resist.

In a way the pole did record our learning-to-dance-as-a-group journey: there were parts of the weave that were too loose, some were too tight, some showed questionable patterning and some were of surprising regularity and beauty, but the whole thing was simply a joyous riot of colour. I am sure there is a lesson here somewhere.

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