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Updated: Jul 15, 2022

The news this week has been shocking and a dear friend offered the following prayer of peace to the Ukrainian and Russian deities.

(Dig a hole in the earth, add water. Place your hands inside the dip)

I call to Mokosh, Goddess of life-giving and life-taking, fertility, healing and moisture.

(Look to the sky, the reflection of sun or moonlight, fan with a feather or just your hand) I call to Svarog, God of the sky, the creator. Shining Heaven, loving all Father

(Hold an antler, a deer symbol, red cotton) I call to Goddess Rozhanitza of Ukraine and Russia. Winter Antlered Reindeer Goddess. Show your children the trackways of safe passage. Show your children wisdom and humanity.

Please bless their space and may this fear and aggression cease.

Protect those afraid, hold them in your arms.

Guide those with the power over deciding life and death.

Show them integrity and conscience.

We pray for peace for Ukraine.

So mote it be!

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