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Personal practice, group practice?

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

When talking to people who are interested in #CovenLife, every now and then the question comes up whether they might have to give up what they do as an individual, their personal practice. At least in our case, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Yes, we have a set ritual framework which is rooted in our specific tradition, our group practice. This might inspire and influence what you do at other times but it really only applies to our meetings as a coven where it serves to bring us all together. In my experience it really strengthens the group mind, knowing that there is this element of commonality.

However, what you do in terms of ritual, magical or spiritual practice outside coven is completely up to you and I would always encourage furthering your interests as a means of personal development and honing your craft. Sometime this can in turn inspire and influence what we do as a group! My annual lunar cycle with the goddess Brigit is a good example: it’s something I love to do as an individual but in some years others from our group decide to join in. Another example is when someone in our coven develops a deeper interest in a specific branch of magic, let’s say techniques from the Greek Magical Papyri (here an excellent introductory podcast). There is always the opportunity to share what you learn with all of us, maybe as a talk or workshop for the group and on some occasions even in circle.

The one limitation that does come to mind is working with more than one “closed” group at a time:

We usually ask new joiners not to work in parallel in another system which requires a similar level of commitment and involvement, e.g. a magical lodge, at least not in the early stages of coven membership. The reason here is that we feel it’s often better to focus on learning one system at a time, especially if it puts emphasis on forming close magical bonds with your fellow group members.

Apart from that, fill your boots…or cauldrons ;-)

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