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Spring Cleaning

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

It’s that time of year when the early spring sun shining through my windows lets me know in no uncertain terms that they do need a bit of a scrub. I am good at ignoring that for a while but invariably there comes a day when I feel the proverbial ants in my pants and just have to clear out what winter left behind.

I find this is a good opportunity for some magical housekeeping, too, and here are three things I like to do while this burst of spring energy lasts:

  1. Go from room to room and wipe down doorframes and windowsills. Visualise clearing away stale old energy and make room for the new. You could add some hyssop to your cleaning water to support this intention and maybe even sprinkle a little salt along the sills and inside the entrance of your doors for added protection after you are done.

  2. Freshen up any altars or shrines in your house and garden. I usually change offerings much more frequently anyway but this is a great opportunity for a deep clean. I dismantle the whole set up, and after a more mundane wipe down I re-consecrate the surface or space and mindfully replace every item, taking time to remember where I found it, what it means to me and why it sits in such a special place.

  3. A great alternative to taking incense around the home is to prepare a simmer. This will help to create a fresh scent throughout and can either support other cleaning activities or be a worthwhile little ritual in its own right. Bring some water to a simmer in a regular pan and while that is heating up, mix your ingredients while focusing on your intent. I like to blend salt with cloves, cinnamon, chamomile and some lemon zest (but please do your own research into suitable correspondences for your specific intent). Pour everything into the water and continue to let it simmer on a low heat and enjoy the refreshed and lifted atmosphere this creates. When you are done cleaning, ideally dispose of the simmer somewhere away from your property.

…and then I can go back to ignoring my dirty windows :-)

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