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Weaving connections

Hello again and a happy belated new year!

Sadly I lost several dear friends in quick succession recently, as well as some public figures from my childhood and adolescence, often to cancer. Straight up grief aside, it also got me thinking about where I am at in life right now.

In all honesty, I am still struggling to reconnect with life, coming out of the pandemic. It has made connecting with folk so hard these last few years, moving so many interactions to the virtual world, that dipping a toe back into reality is like learning socialising anew.

I have dedicated some magical work this January to the theme of reconnecting. I feel quite strongly that we need a full tapestry of relationships in our lives if we don't want to find ourselves hanging by a single thread at some point. It's really important to keep weaving those precious strands, tend to the warp that holds up the whole fabric, let go of broken strings that are beyond repair and add fresh weft, explore fresh colour, new texture.

May 2023 bring you joy, health and peace and beautiful connections!

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