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Dowsing, part 2

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

As I mentioned in an earlier blog post this month I am exploring the topic of dowsing. After learning about the theory and history, the broad range of applications and notable dowsers around the globe it was finally time for some practice.

I headed off into the local woods, equipped with some metal dowsing rods, a traditional forked twig and a fresh straight hazel rod to see what (if any) I would get along with best.

The metal rods didn’t really do anything for me. I found they were mostly just wobbling about in a random fashion: there was a lot of movement I couldn’t account for but I also couldn’t really derive any meaning from it.

Working with the forked twig was a bit more successful: I was trying to identify energy patterns around an area where I had previously experienced a strong connection. There was a fairly reliable reaction whenever I got near to points of interest but those were of course already known to me.

The single hazel rod however worked by far the best for me: it was a simple straight and supple stick, more weighted at the far end and that turned into a surprisingly accurate antenna. I used it in an area I hadn’t been to before and just followed its movements on instinct which led me to a small ditch with a lovely atmosphere to it. Upon closer inspection it turned out to feature a spring! It has been very dry recently so there wasn’t much water, but I still count that as a successful experiment.

All in all an eye opening (and fun!) experience.

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